Saturday, May 19, 2012

Westgate Fountain Park Play Date.

 On Thursday we went over to play in the Fountain Park at Westgate (the shopping center next to the AZ Cardinal's football stadium).  It was just Nathan and his friend, Zack-- but they still had a blast! And the moms got to enjoy the shade while they got nice and wet. :)
This picture makes me want to put some sort of caption like, "Ready to embark on their journey."
Or something equally as ridiculous. :)

Even when the fountains were little, like this, Nathan still wasn't super into them.
Eh. What can I say, the kid doesn't like getting water in his eyes.

Both the boys had plastic, Ziplock bags that they kept filling up with water.
Nathan was nice enough to bring it back to me so that I could cool off too. :) 
Sometimes I just had to dump the water on him instead. This kid would NOT get wet! It's not so bad nice to be outside in the 100 degree weather when you're wet. If you're not wet, then you're just hot! Sometimes you need a little help from Mom.
Sitting with Mama. :) Love this kid.

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