Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home.

So, this is a long time in coming, but I thought I should go ahead and post it anyway. When we were in Ecuador, we told F's family out there about our new home in Arizona.  And we were like, Oh! Hey! We have pictures on the BLOG! Yeaahhhh, except that we only ended up having the before and the during pictures, but not a single one of the after pictures. Well, hmph. So, last May I vowed that I would post pictures of the after. And what better time to follow through on that, than one full year later? {Whoops.}

So here's a few pictures of the before, just so you get a little reminder:
 In front of the island is the back of our old table top (we were still moving in, ya know)-- so just picture it all that dark brown color.
Also, the kitchen and dining room were a peachy color, and that half bath to the side of the dining room was yellow.
And the after pictures: 

There are still several a few things on the To-Do list, but for now, this looks so much brighter and better than it did. Next up, we'll post some pictures of the living room.. Just as soon as I can get it clean enough to be posted online. ;-)
So now that you've seen it in pictures, come see it in person! The Sarmiento Hotel has been revamped and updated, and we're ready for some visitors!

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