Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring Sing 2012

Back on May 5th, we had our annual Young Women fundraiser for Girls' Camp.  It's pretty much a dinner/auction/talent show, all rolled into one evening, full of fun! ;)
Being that it was on Cinco de Mayo, we felt it appropriate to have a Mexican fiesta, complete with tacos, rice, and beans for dinner, plus a salsa contest (like, the kind for your chips, not the kind for your hips).
All in all it was lots of fun and I got a few great things from the auction.  I wish I had pictures to post from the actual talent show (which was awesome) except that our camera always disappoints me, so all I have to show for the night is pictures like this:

Still, a great performance by all (except my camera).
But after the show, Nathan felt like it should be his turn to dance on stage. 

Except that he was disappointed that all the other performances got music. "But where's the muuusic? {Shaking his head} There's no muuuusic..."

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