Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CO: Day Four of Denver

To start out our last day in Colorado, we went back to the Red Rock Amphitheater (since last time, it was already starting to close to prepare for the upcoming performance that evening). 
We were so. glad. we went back. It was awesome. 

I left just in awe of the world around us! It sounds so lame, but really, it's so incredible to see all the variety of landscapes and scenic views the world around us offers. :)

True or false: I was totally fine having my little baby sit on that wall,  inches away from a thirty foot drop.
(Answer: So beyond false that there should be another word for it. This picture was taken quickly-- and you probably can't see it, but my hand is totally bracing his back, just in case.)
F and I in front of all the posters promoting shows at the Red Rock Amphitheater.
Afterwards we went to the 16th Street Mall, which was pretty fun to see..
And after that we were pretty much ready to head back to Albuquerque.  The whole drive back we were racing a storm, so we'd drive and finally be out of the thunderstorm... Then we'd stop for bathrooms and it would catch up to us.  So we'd drive again and finally be out of it.. whew. And then we'd stop for lunch and it would be all out down pour again. Pretty exciting!
Yay for our trip to Denver. We sure had fun there!

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