Monday, August 27, 2012

CO: Day Two of Denver, Part Two

Whoops! Missed the rest of day two-- I guess I was just too excited to blog about the zoo.
After the Capitol Building, we went to the Federal Reserve and looked at all their displays about printing money, how to spot a counterfeit bill, and more. (It was fun, but it still would have been better to get into the Mint, in the first place.)
Afterwards we went to check out the Red Rock Amphitheater. There was a concert that they were getting ready for at the moment, so we were only able to see the entry way of the park, rather than the whole thing (but we came back later, don't worry--). 
Still though, pretty incredible what the world can do with some rocks. 

Freddy got all adventurous and started climbing like Spiderman.
But he totally pulled it off. Hats off to him! :)

Really, the pictures don't do this place justice-- the red rocks are simply gorgeous; it's quite a sight to see!

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