Sunday, August 12, 2012

CO: Day Two of Denver, Part One

So, I'm not going to lie, after looking through a lot of these pictures, I'm not entirely sure where we are in each picture, but we'll work through it.
I know exactly where we are here-- it was a nice fountain at a nice park that I liked. It was actually a really neat fountain with these incredible sculptures around it depicting the virtues: love, loyalty, and learning.
Upon further investigation it is called the Thatcher Monument (Thank you, Google).

Then we walked around downtown Denver, with hopes of being able to get into the Denver Mint in some sort of waiting list or cancellation line, but nahh, they're super strict on having an appointment (which were all full from the moment we planned our trip.) Bummer.
Nathan with Grandpa and Grandma. Now that's just fun.
Good attitude to have towards the Ten Commandments. Way to be, N, way to be. ;)
The Capitol building.
Outside the Capitol building. Denver was having this crrrazy heat wave when we were there. (No shock for us, it was still wayyy cooler than AZ weather, but we don't exactly go on walking tours of the city here in AZ during the summer-- so it was still hot to be outside.) We were totally looking forward to being inside the cool air conditioned rooms of the Capitol bldg.  Yeahhh, not so much. Must be budget cuts or something-- or more likely, it's usually not hot enough to justify cooling the entire building.

And although we still have more pictures of the architecture and beautiful rooms of the Capitol building, my computer doesn't want to upload them. So, perhaps these pictures will be the incentive you need to go to Denver yourself and get your own pictures of inside the Capitol building. ;)

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