Sunday, August 1, 2010

There's Always a Silver Lining

The other day*, Freddy was hurrying off to work. He kissed me goodbye and off he went. :)
And then came right back about 3 minutes later. Huh?

He had gone out to the car and found this:
Laaaaame. We had gotten home about 8:30pm and some time during the night some punk thought Freddy's briefcase looked pretty interesting. Enough so that he (or she?) shattered the window to get to it. They also used some sort of tool to try and pry off the window cover thing-- on the left of the shattered window-- can you see the marks?? It's like they used a screw driver or something**? They also took our change tray-- like all the change and the tray. >:-( Dang you, robbers! The last thing I wanted you to take was the 37 pennies in our center console! {Rolls eyes.} And glass was evvvvvverrrrrrywherrrre.
So! Through this we actually have felt quite blessed. (Strangely enough.) I'll list several silver linings that we've thought of. (First, I'll point out that that jerk cut himself in the process-- suckaaa!)

1. We learned to park in our garage***, from now on, without anyone (except the robber) getting hurt. It could have been worse.

2. The front passenger window was broken, which is cheaper than replacing a windshield.

a. Also, the front window isn't tinted, so we didn't have to re-tint a window.

3. We were able to find a good window replacement shop and it wasn't too, too bad to fix.

4. They didn't take anything really, really important.

a. We had quite a bit of paperwork that had been left in the car-- all with important information that would not be good in the wrong hands.

b. The car seat base (which is like, $70 to replace-- I did not want to replace that)

5. We asked that management warn our neighbors so that they can learn from our lesson.

6. Freddy had his briefcase taken-- and his company will replace the client's money that was in there that was stolen. But he (thankfully) had taken his handheld computer thing inside that night. Those are not covered by the company, if stolen, and would have been almost $1,000 out of our pocket, if it had been taken.

7. Wednesday nights are usually indoor soccer nights for Freddy. When he plays he often leaves his wallet, phone, watch, etc in the center console and often forgets all of that in the car overnight. Luckily, he's not playing this season, so none of that stuff was in the car either.

And I'm sure we've thought of more, but I can't really remember any other ones. Basically, it could have been way worse and we're both definitely glad that it wasn't.

*And by that, I mean back on July 15th, or something like that.

**That's really just my best guess... I don't have very much experience with breaking into cars. :-/ I'm really digging deep into my criminal history to figure out what could have made those marks.

***We have a garage, yes, but it's shared and it's not automatic-- so you have to pull up next to it, get out of the car, unlock it, lift up the door, get back in the car, pull in (next to neighbors that do not understand what half is), get out, pull the door down, lock it, and walk all the way back to our apartment. Naturally, we felt that parking in the parking lot near our apartment was much more convenient.

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  1. Oh man. Did you call the police? You should have told them to test the blood and maybe it would have matched the DNA of a criminal already in their database!