Sunday, March 27, 2011

California, Part 1

We went to California for Freddy's spring break and also to celebrate his mom's birthday.
It was nice to be back in So Cal-- and Nathan enjoyed all the balls that Abuelito and Abuelita had sitting around in their backyard.
So many balls to play with! His very favorite toy!
But of course the one that he really, really wanted was the only one that he couldn't quite have... The bowling ball. Silly kid. He tried and tried to pick that thing up...Finally with a little help from Daddy he was able to get a grip on it-- but was pretty disappointed that Freddy wouldn't let him do it by himself!And since we're in LA, might as well jump on the band wagon and be a Dodgers fan! Cute one at that!
And that was Thursday-- a whole lot of playing around outside. What fun!

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