Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Project

We decided to do a project that Freddy's been dreaming of since we moved in to our house. Put grass in our backyard!
There's a section of river rock in our backyard, that I thought was just fine, but in Freddy's mind he saw the potential it really had*.

So we moved all the rocks over to the side (and we still need to figure out what to do with them).Then we added some soil into the dirt that we already had... and mixed it all up.And Nathan was such a good little helper...

Then we started rolling out the grass!And then we realized that the girl at the hardware store was wrong. The sod rolls were only 2x5, not 2x10, which meant that we had to go back to get more. But we got there and they had sold all but four rolls**, and we still needed six! We called and called other stores nearby to see if we could grab some from another location and sure enough, everyone was out. So, to make up for their mistake, they just gave us the four they had for free! Great!But then that meant that we had to get the two last rolls from a different hardware store. So now, we not only have grass, but we also have a science experiment going on in the backyard to see who sells the best sod. We shall see! :) I feel like this last picture belongs in a kid's activity book. (Hi friend! Two rolls of grass are different than the others? Can you tell which two don't belong?)
The project took a little longer than anticipated, since we had to do a little running around so that we weren't left with half a yard of grass, but all in all we're quite pleased. We just hope that the sod takes to the soil and grows as expected! And also, that the upcoming summer doesn't kill it all off***! So now it's just a matter of time before soccer practice starts!

*And every time we mention the project it's followed up with a sidebar. "We did this project! Which Tracy didn't want to do." But what can I say, I didn't want to do it.
**And one of the rolls was like, falling apart already... Hm.
***Which was my original concern, I wanted to wait and see how summer would be-- before we plant a sacrifice to the sun gods to kill on the first day of summer.

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  1. This project is so ironic! On the one hand you're "going green" because you made your backyard green, literally. On the other hand, you live in a desert, where there are certainly water shortages, and you're going to have to put a ton of water on that grass to keep it alive, so you probably had rocks for "sustainability" reasons. So that's definitely NOT "going green." Hm. Neat that you can get sod in rolls. People here always put a bunch of little squares, I think. I'm going to be tearing OUT grass really soon to make space for my garden. So far it is coming out in shovel-sized pieces.