Monday, March 28, 2011

California, Part 2: Gettying

On Friday we went to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles with Freddy's mom and grandma. It is AMAZING! And get this: it's free! You just pay for parking and that's it! I'm so embarrassed that we both grew up in the LA area and this was our very first time going! Well, it was great, if you didn't catch how I felt about it.

First you take a tram from the parking lot up to the museum. It's operated by magnets and what not-- and the funniest part was when Freddy's grandma heard that-- that it doesn't have a driver. "SOLO?!?!" (Meaning, like, by itself? Anyway, super hilarious..)
All throughout there are breathtaking views-- so I've kinda posted a ton of pictures.. By the time we're done here you might be able to say that you've been to the Getty, too!Nathan's not really the quiet, museum type. He was pretty frustrated that none of the guards would let him throw his baseball around on the floor. This kept him occupied for a little while though.This was outside, I think, the East building-- and funny story. We're walking through and looking at all these 15-16th century French artifacts and artwork. Another group is walking the opposite direction and out of the corner of my eye, I see the older gentleman get tired and sit down for a minute... ON ONE OF THE ARTIFACTS! He saw this side table thing and thought it was like a bench to rest on. You can imagine how quickly the guard ran over to make him get off the 500 year old table! Hilarious!Freddy took one look at this one and said, "Hey look-- it's the inspiration for the Snuggie." Made me laugh so hard I just had to take a picture. After I snapped it I said, "I'm blogging that."Fun in the fountains outside the buildings... Oh how Nathan wanted him to let go and let him jump in the water!

I don't know why no one else had a hard time looking directly into the sun at the camera. This was like, our third shot or something-- the only one that I wasn't squinting so badly that we had to take another one. Huh.
One of my favorites. :) Loved the view from the top!

Another one outside by the fountains...
Cool, right?! "Irises" by Van Gogh-- who knew I'd be standing right next to it-- like the real thing! Pretty neat, I thought!
And last thing before we left (because we were starrrrving, or at least I was), was out to the gardens. SO BEAUTIFUL! Oh. I guess this is the only picture I've uploaded. Ah bummer. Check out FB to see more, or just go to the Getty yourself!
I just love Nathan's laugh... :)
Very cool day at the Getty Museum. But very tiring. I was so glad that I wasn't the one driving in the rush hour traffic on the way back, because I was pooped! (Sorry Freddy!) But yeah, we loved coming here and we would definitely come again. (I'm sure we'll go back the next time relatives from Ecuador come to visit-- they're always looking for good sites to see and this, for sure, is one of them!)

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