Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We like the park.
Every week we have a play date with some of the other kids in the ward at a local park. Most weeks I think I should just skip it, stay home, and work on homework or something more productive. But then I think about how much Nathan likes going and I get up and get ready to go.
He likes climbing on the big kid playground. The little kid stuff is boring and there's no fun places to fall off from.
He also likes to climb up slides. Now Nathan, everyone knows that you go down slides, not up.
And of course, he likes to play in the sand, especially if someone else brought toys.
These kids were playing with their "construction vehicles." They showed me how to use their "excavators" to excavate for the mall that they were building. I asked how long it was going to take to build such a big project? "Ohhhh... (He shrugged) 20 seconds."
And every week, he always wants to swing in the swings.
Oh the fun that we have at the park!

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  1. Love the title. And the blue skies. And Nathan's hair. Oh, wait. Forget the last one.