Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby Shower Games!

I l-o-v-e, LOVE baby shower games. I know, some people are so not into them at all, but I can't wait for the day that I get to throw some one's baby shower... It's going to be SO fun (not to mention so, so cute)!
(Okay, first I needed to add on this picture of Nathan and Freddy, just because I think it's super cute and I forgot to add it to the last post.)
So the point of everyone coming to visit was to see Johanna, and to have her baby shower. She's due at the end of September and she's having a girl! Yay! It was so fun to choose out little girl clothes for her gift... Nathan doesn't wear any pink, ever. Hm. Anyway!
Now! First, we have my favorite game ever (of baby shower games, at least). (And just so you know, I was in charge of this game--because it's the best.) It's memory, you know, where you choose two numbers and hope that what's on the other side matches. So the other side of the cards is various words and phrases and each phrase has to do with babies, mothering, pregnancy, etc.
And! Each phrase has a corresponding candy to go with it for who ever gets it right! For example, (just some off the top of my head) "11 lb Babies"=Whoppers, "Teething"=Crunch, "Postpartum Tummy"=Jelly Belly! Get it? Ha! It's the BEST! This time, I had THIRTY different candies. SO fun (especially when people are actually paying attention, that way it doesn't take forever)! Then we played some other games... Like this one. You're blindfolded, and you have to use a big spoon to scoop up cotton balls off the floor, into a bowl. They're so light weight that most people think they're doing great but they don't have a single one in the bowl! Funny!Freddy finally got a few... ha! (Now, not all of these actually have any real usefulness when it comes to having a baby, but they sure are funny!)Then there's the one where everyone that comes gets a little necklace to wear. Throughout the shower you can't cross your legs (except this time, they were super strict and you couldn't cross anything) and you can't say the word "baby." I'll tell you who's really good at this game: Freddy. He always wins. You can probably see why...
This was right after Nacho (in the pink) took like 15 necklaces from someone else and then he was like, (totally making this up because I don't remember, but you'll get the point) "HAHAHA, OH MAN, SHE WAS LIKE 'CAN YOU CHECK ON THE BABY' AND I WAS LIKE, HAHA, 'WHAT DID YOU SAY? Give me your necklaces!'"
And right as he was putting this mass of necklaces on Freddy was like, "Oh man! :D Give me your necklaces!! You said it!!!!" (Because, remember? You can't say "baby" at all.) And what do you know, Freddy has like 40 necklaces around his neck. Then there's this game where you have to use one hand to take off as many clothespins off the line without dropping any. And this time there was a twist to it! As you took them off, you had to call out some sort of item for babies. (i.e. diapers, wipes, etc.) Last time I played this game, no joke, I got like three and then dropped one. But this time I got fifteen and I was in the lead by a LOT!!! But then I dropped one, and another one or two slipped... I didn't know that you can just stop any time and count all of them (I thought you had to go until you dropped one). And I also didn't know that you lost ALL of the ones you dropped. I thought that once you dropped one, you just count the rest-- but no... I lost all three of those. :-/ Bummer.

Oh! And then we played this impossible one where you mix a bunch of those tiny gold safety pins in with a bowl of raw rice. You have to try to pick out as many pins as you can in a certain amount of time-- blindfolded. Oh my gosh, I barely got ONE. That is haaaard.

And then we also played the one where you guess the amount of ____ (ribbon, string, whatever) it'll take to go around the pregnant belly. And everyone is always wayyyyy off? Well, I'm really good-- I was only off by about 1/4 inch. :D

Yeah, I love games. Baby shower or otherwise. :) Fun, fun, fun!

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  1. I hate showers. But actually, I like the idea of some of those games.