Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

On Friday, we went to Mormon Night at the Arrowhead Credit Union Park for a 66ers game. They're the local minor league baseball team-- but I was super impressed... It was way cool because it was a much smaller stadium, so our $6 tickets were right behind home plate instead of in the nose bleed section. Super!Best thing ever: taking babies to ball games! Bernie, the mascot (and I have no idea what he is...), chose Nathan to get the little foam finger (except it was for like your whole hand) because he was so cute! :) Saaaweet! And I know we would have been on the jumbotron thing, but we were in a section where the camera couldn't get to us... Bummer.
But Nathan got to take a picture with Bernie! And then Nathan looked up at Bernie's face and got this look of sheer terror on his face... lol..
We had a lot of fun at the game! Friday nights at the ball park mean 50 cent hot dogs and quesadillas too! It was a blast to watch the game (even though we lost like, 6-1, I think..)
Then afterward we rented When in Rome, went home, and enjoyed a movie night. What a fun date night!

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  1. No pictures of the look of sheer terror? Too bad. But a fun date anyway!