Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beach Fun

We went to the beach again! And it was fun, of course! (And all the beach pictures are starting to all look the same, so yeah, enjoy.)Nathan didn't seem to mind the water, even though it was pretty cold, but there was one thing he did not like. He didn't like the way the sand moves under your feet when the wave washes it away... You know, how you kinda start to sink a little bit? Yeah, he's not a fan.This time Nathan wanted to be friends with the kids next to us. Mainly because they can WALK and that's COOL. (Also, one of the other kids really liked this turtle toy that Nathan was playing with--that's what he kept walking over to us for...)
And here we have Little N clapping for us...And waving at us... Every time he'd start crawling away from our area (usually to try to catch a seagull or pigeon) he'd get this look on his face like, Oh I'm outta here now!! Seee yaaa! :DAnd then we've got the boys playing...And Nathan with me... This time it was just the three of us-- which was way fun, but it also meant that Freddy and I couldn't actually go in the water together. It was just too cold for Nathan to stay in the water, but he loved playing on the sand with the other kiddos!
We do love the beach!

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  1. Seriously, Nathan is SUCH a CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!! How FUN!!!!!!!!! I do miss SoCal beaches!!!