Sunday, August 15, 2010

Phoenix Family Comes to Visit.

(I just wanted to point out that I really wanted to call this post Phoenix Phamily Phun. Heh. Still makes me laugh. But I didn't...)

Yay! So, Freddy's step sister came from Ecuador about a month ago (or so). His step brothers were finally both able to come from Phoenix to visit her (and us) (and bring their families too).

Here's all three boys with each of their boys. Cool how that happens.. all grown up. :)
So, (from left to right) (actually, like left to right and then zig-zag down to their kid too) Freddy with Nathan (9 months), Jose Ignacio (aka Nacho) with Gael (about 17 months), and Edison (aka Carlitos) with Javier (2 yrs, 6 months). (Also, they're all about nick names, so yeah..) And don't you love how distracted Nathan is by how squirmy the other kids are? Funny!And here's a big, family picture-- Back row: Gael, Nacho, Carlitos, Monica, Pepe, Freddy. Front row: Aileen, Nora, Patricia, Johanna, me, and Nathan.
And now a picture with just the girls... (and some kids..)
And then this is the next morning when Nacho, Nora, Aileen, and Gael had to go home...
They're so cute. If you look up at the family pictures-- they always (or well, often) coordinate their clothes and it's absolutely adorable. I'm always like, Dang, we should have done that. Agh. But yeah, they're super fun! And we love when they come visit (especially Nathan, because they bring KIDS)!
And then here's Freddy and I (and I'm totally thinking about how I wish we were color coordinated. Agh.)

We love all of our extended family, of course--- but it was super fun for the Phoenix side to come visit because it's great to watch Nathan interact with all the other kids. He loves it! It's also cool because they bring, almost like, a young side to the family that's not always there, and that's neat to have around. Come back soon!

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