Monday, August 2, 2010

Pioneer Day Campout!

We had a stake activity for Pioneer Day-- an overnighter up at Camp Seely, in Crestline! Fun!

The only thing was that we had my sisters (and Mitch) staying with us for the weekend! We, obviously, really really wanted to be there with them instead. (Looking back we should have just cancelled our cabin reservation and stayed home with our guests!) The activity started at 4:30pm and we didn't even leave our house until like, 8:30pm. Hm. And then we got lost. Way lost. Or if you ask Freddy, we took the adventurous route. Luckily, Emily was back at our apartment and she helped us find the camp site. (Her directions via text were waaaayyyy better than like, six stops asking locals!) So we got there at about 10:30, but dinner was already over so we went back into town to find something to eat. We finally got back to our cabin at about 11:30. Just in time for bed! We did have our own cabin-- which was pretty neat...
And then they had breakfast and some activities in the morning... but we had guests at home that we wanted to get back to asap, so we just left as soon as we woke up. (And, to be honest, I probably wouldn't have woken up for the 6:30 5k around the lake anywayyy.)
It was really fun for what we stayed for :) but next year we'd rather just stay and play with our guests!

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