Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nathan's First Beach Trip.

After our Pioneer Day Overnighter (that we should have just skipped), we came home, chatted with our guests a little bit, made some beach snackies, and headed off to meet up with Freddy's family*. They originally wanted to go to Laguna Beach, which is gorgeous, but it's less gorgeous when you spend three hours** in the car getting there. But then we got there and we were glad to be there! :) Among things Nathan likes to fling around: sand.
Other things it can be used for: eating.
Among things Nathan doesn't like: not being able to play with all the other toys all around us that aren't ours.
The water was gorgeous! Cold, but gorgeous! And we almost got in the water because you know, you get used to it after a while---but we were actually at Aliso Beach and there are like, rocks galore in there. It made me wish I was wearing those swimming shoes that everyone had when they were like seven***. Freddy was willing to ignore the cold water, the rocks, AND the monsterous waves you had to get through before the water was nice--- I was not.
Afterward, the plan was to meet up with the rest of my family to have a bonfire, but that didn't go so well. And it's pretty much a topic we don't want to really bring up. :-/ Not the most successful beach day for them. But we did get to meet up with my grandparents that night, instead! Fun! And! We got to make s'mores, which I had been wanting really badly since we had that campout to go to (but we got there wayyy past when they were actually making s'mores, so I just still wanted them).

So yay for us finally getting to go to the beach!

*You're probably thinking, 'Wait, I thought Tracy's family was visiting?' Right. And wrong too. Yes, my sisters (and Mitch) were visiting us (yay!), but Freddy had family visiting from Ecuador that he hadn't seen in seven years. And while it may feel like seven years when the sisters are apart, it's not (thank goodness). And so obviously, we still needed to spend some time with his family too.
**Not exaggerating. Wish I was. But I'm totally not. Ugh.
***You know, the ones that are fine until they get wet-- and then they're SO awful because each foot weighs six pounds. And everytime you get out of the pool you have to wait for a gallon of water to pour out of each shoe. And then you walk-- slosh, slosh, slosh, slosh... Yeah, you know.

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  1. You have THE CUTEST bikini in the first and second pictures! That was so sweet of Freddy to play with Nathan while you laid out!