Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Friday Crafting on Tuesday

I've been catching up with blogging and gotten a little out of order. So! Back* to while my sisters were visiting (yay!)---

Jessica and Mitch went to Disneyland for the day, Sarah was off with friends, and Freddy was working. So, that left Emily and I with a whole day all to ourselves (plus Nathan)! We decided that we would do a special Friday craft together... We wanted to make these hanging storage boxes.

Back a few steps-- Both Freddy and I had driven to my grandparents the night before for the Girls' Craft Night/Everything-Else-with-Everyone-Else Night and it was super late when we finally finished. We decided, instead, to drive back together and pick up the second car the next day. So, first we had to drive out to Duarte with Freddy to pick up the other car (otherwise our day would have been pretty uneventful).

Okay, back where we were--- The storage boxes have Plexiglass in the bottom, for extra support, so we had to get that from Home Depot. Then, we had to go to Jo-ann's, of course... Basically by the time we got home, we didn't even have time to even start the actual craft before Freddy and I were leaving for the Pioneer Day Overnighter (the one we really should have just skipped). Emily was able to cut up the Plexiglass and I think she started cutting fabric, but I'm not sure what else she was able to finish.

SO! I've been gradually working on them since everyone went home and I finally finished them yesterday!

I doubt anyone is really interested in making their own set, but if you are you can use the instructions that I followed, linked above-- and I'll just add a few comments that made it easier for me.
First of all, you need a yard of fabric for each box, and almost TWO yards of interfacing. I had to put my project on hold for a few days because I'd run out of it-- originally I got 4 yards, like the tutorial says, and I went back to get another 4 later. So, total I got 8 yards, but I ended up with a little over a yard left over, so maybe 7 yards would do it.The hardest thing was trying to get the Plexiglass to fit in the bottom. Em and I bought a big piece of Plexiglass and just cut it up to several 8x10 pieces. That's what size they're supposed to be, but I had an awful time getting them to fit. I was really worried that it would tear through. So! One thing I did was I took the pieces outside and used the sidewalk to sand down my corners so that they were rounded. That made it much easier and I wasn't so concerned that the sharp corners would rip my fabric. After I got the glass to fit, it was pretty smooth sailing from there (with a few interruptions from Nathan, of course).
Emily got to choose nice and pretty fabrics and I automatically had to choose kid-ish fabrics, by default. I still like them, but I liked Em's choices, too.
You can't really see the fabric used with the one with green stripes-- the light green one.. and that's really unfortunate because that's my very favorite fabric!

And there you have it. Now all I need to do is get a curtain rod to hang them... and decide where to hang them...

It feels nice to finally have a project done (except for the things I just mentioned). Although I do wish that I could have been able to do the project with Emily, like it was supposed to be. Unfortunately, time flies by twice as fast when you have sisters visiting... Too, too fast. :(

Guess that can only mean one thing: time for us to start planning our trip to Utah! ;-)

*I feel like that transition should have, like, that-- hazy, swirly picture and the twinkling sound, like when people on (cheesy) TV shows are dreaming...

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